A downloadable game for Windows

**Made for GBJAM 2016. All music, art, sounds and programming was done over 10 days.

Behemoth DDS

Try not to get eaten while you perform dental work inside the mouth of a giant monster. The goal of the game is to match the proper tool with the different varieties of tooth repair, such as using the brush to clean plaque-ridden teeth or the paste to fill cavities.


Move - Arrow Keys

Use Tool - Z Button

Change Tool - X Button

Select Menu Options - Z Button (when menus are open)

Quit - Escape Button


Behemoth_DDS.zip 47 MB


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I loved the absurde scenario for this neat little game! It was great to see that you were able to include four mechanics in it and it became quite challenging after a while. :) A sweet game with a focus on dental hygiene - if Nintendo would have brought out that one in the Game Boy era, I'm sure the dental health of many people would be better nowadays! :D The pixel art was lovely as well. Happily I recommended this entry of the GBJAM 5 with two other games in a compilation article about the jam as well as I included it in the showcase video for it. :) Keep it up!

Best wishes,